Total Data Protection. Natively.

Native mobile data protection that is ideal for your business, loved by users and endorsed by IT staff

IT Professional
Just say “Yes”!
Allow your users to securely enjoy their favorite apps on BYOD
IT Professional
Business Manager
Boost Productivity
Give your team seamless mobile enterprise data protection and enable any workflow
Business Manager
End user
We Respect Your Privacy
You can finally keep using your own device, info and apps, while your privacy is fully maintained
End user

Finally, enterprise mobility data protection comes true.

Nativeflow features enabled workflows

Say hello to NativeFlow

Corporate data is at the heart of Nativeflow’s Mobile Data Protection Platform. End-users enjoy the full native user experience while IT security and compliance requirements are met.

Free yourself from device management, containers, dual personas and disabled functionality on mobile devices. Eliminate bulky proprietary apps and viewers, as Nativeflow enables users to work with literally any app on any business workflow. IT can finally say YES! to users and embrace BYOD for business productivity, while meeting compliance requirements.

  • Enterprise Choice

    Increase employee productivity on the go; extend far beyond email. Enable secure data usage of any mobile app, with any data, on any user-owned or enterprise-owned mobile device.

  • Freedom to Users

    Go native, market, cloud, in-house or 3rd party – from any Android and iOS mobile device. No tracking or monitoring of personal usage. Users’ privacy is fully respected.

  • Effortless for IT staff

    Scale with your users and their countless apps, trends, devices and workflows. Nativeflow’s easily-deployable platform maintains full regulatory compliance and protects corporate infrastructure from mobile malware.